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Selected Work

Swerve, May 2018 – Road Warrior: The Boler has enjoyed 50 years of bringing up the rear

Avenue Edmonton, August 2017 – Back Streets Back

The Globe and Mail, June 2017 – Rising commercial property taxes put small-business owners in a bind

Avenue Edmonton, March 2017 – The Food Of Our Land

Next City, November 2016 – Calgary could remake housing design for seniors

The Guardian, August 2016 – Canadian universities require indigenous studies: ‘It feels good to learn our history’

The Globe and Mail, June 2016 – Syrian refugees: New Canadians, new entrepreneurs

The Globe and Mail, June 2016 – How small businesses are learning to love bike lanes

Motherboard, May 2016 – This Aboriginal Keyboard App Is Helping Preserve Indigenous Languages

Canadian Business, March 2016 – How to survive the oil slump – from the people who lived it before

The Globe and Mail, March 2016 – In Calgary’s bust, some businesses bloom

The Globe and Mail, February 2016 –Calgary architects look to kickstart shift to laneway housing

CBC Calgary, January 2016 – Calgary’s mounted patrol: A unique kind of policing

National Post, August 2015 – ‘Mystery’ Inuit kayak is finally going home after more than half a century in Edmonton basement

Edmonton Journal, June 2015 – ‘They weren’t expecting gunfire’: How an arrest turned deadly for Edmonton police officers

Edmonton Journal, May 2015 – ‘All he was trying to do was come home’: Mystery surrounds Canadian man’s death at airport in Laos

Edmonton Journal, March 2015 – ‘I put my forehead against his and I just cried’: Slain Mountie’s twin brother speaks, 10 years after Mayerthorpe

Edmonton Journal, August 2014 – ‘The Black Nightmare’: Edmonton’s High Level Bridge a magnet for the desperate and distressed, Profiles of loss from Edmonton’s High Level Bridge

National Post, August 2014 – Your own jetpack: Why one company thinks the Flyboard is a perfect fit for Alberta

Alberta Venture, February 2013 – Dollars and Sense: inside the weird (and sometimes wonderful) world of private lenders

The Globe and Mail, November 2011 – Why are people in Calgary eating burgers from an alley?